Amazing Places to Visit in South Goa
Amazing Places to Visit in South Goa

Amazing places to visit in South Goa:

The entire Goa is a beautiful place to be in, but in it, the region of South Goa is even better. This is because the place is engulfed with ephemeral beauty and there are a lot of amazing places to visit as well. Now if you have never been to Goa or South Goa to be exact, then you must make a plan to go there at least for once. Now today we will be talking about the various places of South Goa that you should go for and make sure that you include every last place mentioned in the list. So let us get going about what it is that is so special about this place.

Amazing Places to Visit in South Goa that you should go for:

  • The old churches of Goa – The entire South Goa is famous because of the fact that it has a number of churches that have historical reference. The Se Cathedral is the biggest Church in Asia and the magnanimous building is definitely worth a watch. Apart from that, you can also get a view of the Basilica of Bom Jesus where the remains of the patron saint of Goa, Sir Francis Xavier remains till this date. This is not only a place of historical importance but also the one with a lot of architectural value as well.
  • Augustine’s Tower – This can be traced back to the year 1602, it is a tower that is 46 meters high and is the only remnant of the St Augustine’s church in Goa.
  • Mangueshi Temple – Goa never fails to surprise us because of the cultural diversity of the place. This temple has been dedicated to Lord Shiva, and this is also rendered as the birthplace of the queen of melody Lata Mangeshkar.
  • Spice Plantation – If you visit this place, then you will be welcomed by the aroma of various spices right at the entrance as an accompaniment to the traditional Goan way of welcoming travelers. Here you can gain a lot of information about the various spices and you also get to enjoy the Goan Buffet. I can bet on the fact that once you have a taste of the same, “delicious” would seem like an understatement to the same.
  • Dona Paula – This is a very renowned estuary which is overlooking the city of Goa, and this place is also known as the lover’s paradise because of its enthralling beauty.
  • Miramar Beach – This is one of the most talked about beaches of South Goa and its serene ambiance is what attracts the tourists so much. This beach is just 3km away from the capital and the presence of ample pine trees make the place look even more mystical than it already is. This place is also important because of the presence of the mortal remains of the first Chief Minister of Goa.

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So why not give it a go?