10 Best Romantic Places In Goa For Couples
10 Best Romantic Places In Goa For Couples

If you are a couple and you are planning to go to Goa, then you might be interested to visit 10 Best Romantic Places In Goa For Couples. You might be glad about the fact that there is a number of stuff that is rendered to be romantic in Goa. And here, you do not have to indulge in the conventional coupley stuff, and Goa gives you a plethora of options to choose from. So today we will tell you about the 10 Best Romantic Places In Goa For Couples so that you can give your partner the memories of a lifetime.

10 Best Romantic Places In Goa For Couples

  • Have your lodging place in a love tub– Want to give your partner a pleasant surprise? Well, you would love this romantic idea! You can decorate the place where you are residing with heart-shaped pillows and balloons and have light colored curtains propped up all over the house. Also, there will be an array of love songs being played and don’t forget to place roses, a cake, and some champagne! Your spouse would love the effort that you put in.
  • Indulge in a couple massage– If both of you are stressed out, then the best thing for both of you would be to engross yourself in a spa therapy. You can go to the places like Zaara Spa in Calangute and so on. By the time you are out of the spa, the essential oil’s charm would be revealed and you would be more than refreshed as well.
  • Night time beach walk– This is another romantic thing that you can do with your partner. What about having a slow stroll at the Baga beach while enjoying the sea breeze and the nightlife of Goa? Sounds amazing, right? The shacks are open all the time, so even when you get hungry you can grab a snack as well.
  • Go, Goan- Ok, be cool– we are not asking you to be a traditional Goan, but we tell you to take up the Goan spirit. Profess your love to your beloved just in the traditional style- If possible, do that in a church or a temple to add a note of sanctity.
  • Spend quality time on a Houseboat– In places like Candolim in Goa; you can have the experience of Kashmir by staying in the houseboats. These are traditionally decorated ones and here, you can spend some quality private time with your beloved one. No wonder he/she will be happy to have you there. –  Over Night House Boat in Mandovi River and House Boat in Chapora River
  • Long distance has a certain charm– Ok if you are physically distant from your spouse, then that is not a reason to be worried about. How about you give a virtual trip of Goa to your dear one, by video chatting over Skype? That would be an innovative thing to do, right? Try it, we say it works a lot.
  • Go to the movies– Goa gives you a plethora of options to watch movies. You can go to the movie halls like INOX and Samrat Theatre in Panjim, and there you can curl up cozily together and watch the movie. Nothing can be more romantic than that!
  • Bring on the Champagne and Caviar– Along with some delicacies; make sure that you have some champagne and caviar. Go naughty if you have to! Nothing can be merrier than a tipsy couple at all!
  • Go for Sky gazing– This is a very cute activity that can be done. Either you can point out the constellations to each other, or else you can also make out the shape of the clouds. Do it and let us know how you like it!
  • Go Birdwatching– If both of you love animals and birds, then you can go for bird watching- this is one of the most romantic things that you can do. The colorful birds may bring more color to your love life as well!  – Bird Watching Trip

Now that you know about the 10 Romantic stuff to be done with your spouse, all you need to do now is to plan a trip to Goa and gift him/ her with all the aforementioned activities! Isn’t all these amazingly Romantic Places In Goa For Couples? What do you think?