Tambdi Surla Waterfall Goa
Tambdi Surla Waterfall Goa

If you are planning to visit Goa sometime soon, then the best thing that you have to go for is the trek to the Tambdi Surla Waterfall Goa. This is because of the fact that it is an apt place for the young ones who years to have a rush of thrill in their lives. Though it is an adventurous trip, it is dangerous as well and that is again what makes Tambdi Surla Waterfall Trek even more interesting. Its located on Karnataka Goa Border, about 60 km from the Goa’s Calangute beach. Now let us see why this is such a talked about trip and why you must go for it at least once in a lifetime.

Getting here is not so easy as you see:

  • First 2 hours on a bike
  • Then about 45 minutes trekking to the river on stones.

Reasons why you will love this journey of Tambdi Surla Waterfall Goa:

  • The Mesmerizing beauty of the place – This Tambdi Surla Waterfall Goa has a beauty that is totally mind-boggling and once you see the spot, you will immediately fall for the same. This is the trek that goes for a high altitude and though it might seem to be dangerous to you, you would not be able to resist the beauty and would definitely be lured to go up the Tambdi Surla Waterfall Trek.
  • Twists in this region – The kind of diversity that you will get to witness in this small region will be ample to surprise you. Starting from the flora and fauna of the place to the other aspects, there is a lot of you at every level of the journey. So when you are booking this trek package, make sure of the fact that you will not be bored in any way.
  • The Greenery will soothe your eyes – The entire trek pathway has been covered by the greenery and that is what makes it so refreshing. Some of the paths are shady and the others are full of flowers so your eyes will never fail to see new things.
  • Activities that you can do there – If you are of the hyperactive type and you always engross yourself in a flurry of activities, then you can do so here as well. Here you have an option to go for the Ziplining and wall climbing which is for the brave hearts out there. Here you get the efficient guides to help you do all these activities so that you can be entirely safe.

Be aware of leech one went deaf from my cry and fell from me (although I doubt that leeches have ears), but the second stuck to my friend and after her extraction still long was the blood.

Nature has its own way of making you forget your worries. About the trek, it’s an adventure filled with many beautiful sights, stream crossings. At the end of which butterflies and an amazing view of the waterfall is waiting to greet you.


The Best time to go for this trek is from June to September, which is in the monsoon season. This is because then only you can see the waterfall in its full-fledged manner- and many tourists flock there to do the same. The Tambdi Surla Waterfall trek is the one with an amazing picturesque view and the one that gives you an opportunity to feel the adrenaline rush. That is the reason why you should book your trip over there for at least once so that you do not return from Goa with regrets.

How to Reach Tambdi Surla Goa

Happy trekking to all!

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