Things to do in and around Calangute Goa
Things to do in and around Calangute Goa

Things to do in and around Calangute Goa

Calangute is one of the best regions of Goa, and that is the reason why any trip to Goa should have at least a plan to go for the entire Calangute region. Now the best thing about the place is that the Calangute region is that it has a number of amazing places to see and today we will be listing about the same so that you can have a plan chalked out and you can have a go at these places as well.

Things to do in and around Calangute Goa:

  • St Alex’s Church– This is a pristine church that has been situated in Arpora region. This is open to all Church and this is situated between two of the beaches. It is filled with an architectural beauty and has a lot of designs. It is an awe-inspiring structure and is a must go.

  • Old Custom’s post, Goa– This is a well-known relic and that can be traced back to the Portuguese reign. This was used in order to monitor the drug smuggling and the passing of goods.
  • Mackie’s Saturday Nite Bazaar– This is one of the most delightful places of Goa and people really love the spot. This is because the nightlife in this place is beyond imagination, and here you can get hold of the Goan food and music. You can shop a lot of stuff here as well.

  • Baga Tibetian Market– This is the market that has been specializing in a lot of Tibetian stuff. They sell handmade jewelry and the people here are very friendly as well. This market is an amazing place and you should go there at least for once.
  • Cafe Mambos, Goa– This is one of the best cafe’s of Goa and it is of the international standards. This is because of the fact that here you can get to see live performances and DJs. This is a cheerful place to be with your friends and family.
  • Britto’s– This is one of the most popular shacks in Goa and is famous for the food. In fact, the food here is rendered to be the best among all the shacks.

  • Cafe Sussegado Souza– This is the best Cafe in the Calangute Goa, which is in the South of Goa. It is one of the top-ranked restaurants and is known for the amazing food and ambiance as well.

Now all you have to do is to make sure of the fact that you have Things to do in and around Calangute Goa so that you have the experience of a lifetime as well.

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