Are You Looking for an Unexplored Places in Goa? That You Need To Visit and explore the most unexplored places to visit in Goa:

Unexplored Places in Goa That You Need To Visit

1) Mingle with the Russian Community At Morjim Beach:

Also known as “Little Russia”, Morjim beach is one of the most peaceful beaches in North Goa. Away from the hustle and bustle of the lively Baga and Candolim beaches, Morjim beach gives a much-needed break from the crowd of tourists. This place must be on top of your Unexplored Places list. There are shacks and places to shop here which cater more to the Russian community who now resides here for months.

This beach is also popular for Olive Ridley Sea Turtles. They are very important and it’s not allowed to serve them or disrupt them. You can click photos though. But, not at the cost of their peacefulness.

2) Explore the Colourful Streets Of Panaji:

Located on the banks of Mandovi river, here you will get all the popular casinos lined up on the whole river bank. Flashy boats, smart crew members of the Casino clubs and tourists crowding to test their win; this is a common scene on the busy part of Panaji. This place is the best Things to do in Goa for Bachelors.

However, venture just a little center, where you will find administrative buildings, cute cafes and just the most picturesque buildings. This place is also a UNESCO Heritage site, one stroll through the small bylines and you will recognize why. The bright blue and yellow houses and charming cafes the line the streets make you forget that you’re in Panjim, Goa! If you like a quick coffee, then do stop by Cremeux Cafe, which offers a pleasant view of this cute little place. 

3) Explore the Shacks At Arambol Beach:

Arambol beach has a beautiful gypsy vibe that you would really love. This beach is also massively visited by Russians, hence you will find a lot of people just getting their tan on in the hot sun. Don’t miss out on going here, to the most Unexplored Places in Goa.

The beach is very clean and quiet, you won’t find a lot of tourists here. Hence, if you just want to experience serenity by the waters, then Arambol is the place for you. But in the evening, this place looks quite different. All the shacks play live music and there are drum circles here as well, where you can mix with other tourists and local Goan people as well. Just dance all your blues away and make your time in Goa interesting. This is one of the most Places to visit in Goa for Youngsters for sure!

4) Explore the Chilled Out L’Atelier restaurant At Ashvem Beach:

Also located just beside the hippie Arambol Beach, Ashvem beach is a quiet beach with very fewer tourists. The waves are a bit strict and many come here to surf as well. Located just on the beach is this cute and hippy, L’Atelier resort which has a very chilled out decor. Come here just for a drink and also get to see the Uber-cute beach homes which are actually rooms for the guests. They are private, yet offer a very distinct style of staying, just perfect for beach-side fun. You can just take a couple of steps and walk out into the Mandrem beach from your room! This is one of the best Goa attractions you must visit. It is one of the best Unexplored Places in Goa

Coming back to the cafe, they are though somewhat overpriced that your usual shacks, but the snacks here are good. It’s excellent for enjoying a few drinks at the bar and having your Goan feni or the local Kings beer.

5) Pay a Visit to the Lady Of Immaculate Church in Panaji:

When you are exploring the individual Portuguese style quarters in Panaji, do stop by and travel this lovely Church as well. Adorned in white, there’s a sense of peace here. Built way back in 1541, this is now a lovely big church. The unique zig-zag staircase adds to the attraction of this lovely church. The huge bell tower located at the top of the church combines a certain appeal to the structure.

6) Visit the Hidden Beach of Goa, Siridao Beach:

I thought for a long time before writing about it. Places such as this should really be a well-kept secret all for a very few people. The whole charm of this lovely Siridao beach is that there’s not a soul here. We were just speeding towards Unexplored Places in South Goa on our bikes when we came beyond this beauty.

The whole beach just had a handful of dogs! A few palm trees here and there and a few laterite rocks added to the charm of this lovely Siridao beach. Though swimming is not allowed here, as the complete beach and the shore is filled with laterite rocks, which are very critical. However, this might become of the most hidden places to visit in Goa. 

7) Have A Drink At Curlies, Anjuna Beach:

Though the Anjuna beach is lovely famous and many tourists flock there- this selective side of the beach, is not. Curlies cafe is a pretty happening cafe which turns into a party haven at night for youngsters. Neon lights, trance music, groovy interiors; this cafe is the brainchild of  Edwin Nunes. But, do visit this cafe in the morning or evening.

Just to enjoy the view of the surreal Anjuna beach from the first floor of Curlies. Grab a corner, enjoy a drink and the lovely sea-breeze that will welcome you every few minutes. There are even some very friendly cats here who just add to the super excellent vibe of this place. Order anything from  Mustard Fish to the wood-fired pizza; you will not be dissatisfied.

Though Goa is happening at all times of the year now, the best time to visit Goa is either in November to January or you can even go during March- April phase. Though it gets hotter there, a lot of the tourist abate and you can enjoy your time more here. Do you know some of the Unexplored Places in Goa? Tell us in comments!