Be smart and stay away from trouble by following this guide on 10 Things Not to Do in Goa.

  1. Do not wear Makeup. The humidity is really high, you are gonna sweat a lot. It’s better to be relaxed with your bare skin rather than wear makeup and smudge it all over.
  2. Book your Scooty / Bike if you are visiting goa during the peak time of the year. It’s very hard to find Scooty / Bike at the last minute.
  3. Don’t be greedy to try to visit all the places in one go. keep your itinerary minimal to 2 or 3 places max per day.
  4. Don’t try visiting all the beaches. Before you reach goa, do your research and choose a beach that would match your vibe and spend some quality time with friends. After all, every beach looks the same.
  5. Also, book a stay that is close to the beach you wanna spend time in.
  6. Don’t waste your money on some fancy continental restaurant (pretending). Instead find Some Local restaurants that would serve you some local Goan food, which is not available elsewhere. Goan buns, ross omelet, Racheado Bangdo, and Urrak Drink are to die for.
  7. If you love this place, then it is your duty to keep it clean, and that is why you need to be careful when disposing of your waste and water bottles.
  8. Never dare to drive a car or ride a bike in a drunken state, as this can lead to a fatal accident. Drink and driving are one of the things you should never do in Goa.
  9. Beware of those Watersports flex, choose the right company or they can be a pain in your a$$. You can choose us at #mygoa365
  10. Last but not the least, Respect the local Goan’s privacy, especially when in Fountainhas. They keep it tidy and beautiful. co-operating with them is the least we can do.

Hope You will Follow these 10 Things Not to Do in Goa Guide.

Enjoy your goa time 🙂