Best Places to Eat Local Goan Food in Ponda Goa
Best Places to Eat Local Goan Food in Ponda Goa

Best Places in Goa where you should relish the Local Goan Food in Ponda

Goa is not only a Place of Incredible Scenic Beauty- but it is also known for the array of different foods that it gives to all the people over there. In Goa, there are a lot of Hotels and Restaurants in which you can have Amazing Food and it would be indeed a blunder not to have Goan food when you are in Goa. So the next time you are in Goa, you have to make sure of the fact that you have a Taste of the Local Goan Food in Ponda at least for once.

But how will you choose the places you should be relishing the Food?

Well, if you are a novice in this context, then you need not worry- since we are here to talk about the best possible places where you can get local Goan food.

Best Places to Eat Local Goan Food in Ponda Goa

  • Abhiksha Palace Restaurant – This is one of the best casual dining places that you can ever get and here you can choose the best Goan bites which will definitely refresh your taste buds. The specialty of this place is Apple chicken which is loved by all. The staffs are very friendly and the service is pretty fast over here. Once you visit here, you would not be able to resist coming twice. The best part, you ask? – Well, it is the affordable pricing.
  • Anoshka Family Restaurant and Pub – This is a traditional Goan place and when you come to Goa, you would definitely have to try this place for its awesome seafood. The butter garlic Scampi prawn in this place is indeed amazing and the royal presentation of the food is worth watching. Once you go to this place, you will be left drooling for more.
  • Cool ‘N’ Spice – This is a very classy looking eatery that you will find in Goa that is very cheerfully decorated in order to make your dining experience memorable. They not only have Goan food but they also contain the food suitable for North Indian, Chinese, Italian and Continental taste buds. It is also accompanied by a bar which makes the experience an especially tipsy one! Grab a bite of the food and you would be craving for more.
  • Royal Garden – The best thing about this place is the ambiance- which is going to give you a nostalgic feeling. The food in this place is definitely worth the try and the behavior of the staffs is indeed good. The service is pretty fast paced around here, and that is why you would like to hang out here with your friends and family.
  • Laxmi Bar and Restaurant – This is a place which serves great local Goan dishes and also some of the famous North Indian ones. The outdoor seating arrangement calls for a refreshing surrounding, and it is also pocket-friendly as well. The fish dishes are fresh and amazing, and the change of taste is a welcome one as well.
  • Savor- a celebration of Food – As the name suggests, it is a drool-some place where you can have the best Goan food. It serves great food as well as the best mocktails in Goa, and there are also some of the best arrangements for live music, which makes the place an even cheery one.
  • Red Chili Multi Cuisine Restaurant – This is a top class restaurant in Ponda which gives North Indian, Chinese and Goan food and it comes with an awesome bar as well. You have to check out this place at least for once when you are in Goa and when you are bored with the monotony in taste.
  • Darya A/C Family Restaurant – Finding a place to dine with your family? Well, there can be no better place than this. Darya makes sure of the fact that you can have the best experience in Dining. You should definitely taste the Tiger Prawn that they cook in Goan style.
  • Pan Aroma Restaurant and Lounge – This is one of the mind-boggling places for celebration. The lighting and decor of the place are picture perfect and it gives the best possible service to all the customers. You should check out the daily events in this place and the desserts, as well as the Goan delicacies, are worth a try.

Now that you know about all the Best Places to Eat Local Goan Food in Ponda, Goa, How about Peeking into Every- One of them?